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Living Room – Lights on, camera action!

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Neighbours board

Boards for all is a prototype that examines concepts for public communication in neighborhood communities. Based on the rapid growth of private, location-aware mobile devices and services, we are looking for ways to introduce a more collective experience of hybrid (digital + physical) public spaces […]

Nightstand for free. Your Neighbours.

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Timeshaft is an intervention that transforms any activity in an elevator into a public action by capturing and layering consecutive elevator rides on top of each other. Passengers may realize if they can see people from the past now, someone in the future will see […]

Say Hello to Mimosa!

To test our Mimosa #3 in a real context and evaluate how people react to the living interface, we set up a test run in the elevator. Unfortunately we could only talk to some persons from the video to get feedback on the testing. If you […]

Mimosa #1

The “Durst!” project taught us that taking care of something is a main issue in a house with anonymous structures. We created Mimosa to take the experiment further. In urban neighbourhoods anonymous structures are a main issue that goes along with an absence of interaction […]


To explore the level of interaction in the house, we ran a series of experiments in a semipublic area of the building. We installed three prototypes on three stories. These prototypes were called – Durst!, Fundstücke and Momente. Durst! (Thirst) Durst! consists of a plant […]