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Say Hello to Mimosa!

To test our Mimosa #3 in a real context and evaluate how people react to the living interface, we set up a test run in the elevator. Unfortunately we could only talk to some persons from the video to get feedback on the testing. If you […]

Mimosa #3

In our Mimosa #2 test run, we discovered some people were frightened by the textile draped Mimosa. Thus we went back to our original material: Mimosa #3 consists of paper and runs autarkic – the arduino board and electrical power supply are situated in a […]


To explore the level of interaction in the house, we ran a series of experiments in a semipublic area of the building. We installed three prototypes on three stories. These prototypes were called – Durst!, Fundstücke and Momente. Durst! (Thirst) Durst! consists of a plant […]