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To explore the level of interaction in the house, we ran a series of experiments in a semipublic area of the building. We installed three prototypes on three stories. These prototypes were called – Durst!, Fundstücke and Momente.

Durst! (Thirst)

Durst! consists of a plant on a pedestal (1), an empty watering can (2), and a leave (3). It was installed on the 17th floor next to two elevators.
Question: Would someone care for the plant and water it?

Note: (1) We used a pedestal to make it clear that the plant wasn’t forgotten but rather placed there intentionally. (2) We used an empty watering can to challenge our subjects. (3) The leave was placed on the floor to show the need of care.
Day 1 (23.12.): a full watering can, a watered plant, no leave
Day 2 (24.12.): two leaves beside the plant, watery ground
Day 3 (25.12.): no leaves, watery can disappeared
Day 4 (26.12.): plant disappeared
Day 5 (27.12.): pedestal disappeared[nggallery id=2]

Fundstücke (Finds)

We added glue dots to a wall and provided pens and papers. We asked people to complete the sentence: “At this house i like…”
Question: will people participate and what opinions would be shared?

Note: We installed some first post-its to stimulate further additions.
Day 1 (23.12.): no change
Day 2 (24.12.: one added post-it (“Die Aussicht!”)
Day 3 (25.12.): another added post-it (“Viele Kids”)
Day 4 (26.12.): pens and papers disappeared, some post-its were taken away and few more were added (“anonyme Freundlichkeit”, “freundliche Anonymität”, “Herr Kunzendorf, der Hausmeister”, “Ostcharme”)
Day 5 (27.12.): complete prototype disappeared

[nggallery id=3]

Moment (Moments)

We placed a digital photo frame on one story and asked people to add a picture of the week by mailing it to moment-der-woche@gmx.de.
Question: Are the building’s inhabitants willing to share a personal experience with their neighbors?

Day 1 (23.12.): complete prototype disappeared

[nggallery id=4]

The HouseGuerilla experiment showed that there is a awareness of inhabitants concerning their storey.

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    […] Haus Guerilla Um herauszufinden, welchen Bezug die Leute zu ihrer unmittelbaren Umgebung haben, starten wir auf den Etagen – gewissermaßen im halbprivaten Wohnraum. Durst! ist eine von drei Installationen und untersucht die Bereitschaft der Bewohner, sich freiwillig um eine herrenlose Pflanze zu kümmern. Durst! setzt sich zusammen aus einer Pflanze auf einem Podest, einer leeren Gießkanne und einem Blatt, das scheinbar abgefallen ist. Was dann geschah ist hier zu sehen: http://www.connectedcity.eu/houseguerilla. […]

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