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3 cameras x 10 pictures = 30 contacts?

EachOneShootsOne is a set of cultural probes (Gaver, W. et al.) in the form of disposable cameras. Each camera was handed out with a certain challenge. After accomplishing this challenge the camera should be passed on to the next neighbour. Beside gathering information about the inhabitants we wanted to find out particularly wether inhabitants were willing to take this effort the more so as they had to get to know new neighbours.


Imagine, you need something immediate and you don’t have it in your own household. But it might be anywhere in your house. Woudn’t it be convenient, if you could borrow it from one of your neighbours?
Your task: Take a photograph of an object that you would lend out to one of your neighbours.

You & Me

We live in the same house but know nothing about each others lives.
Your task: Take a photograph together with the next person you meet within the house.

My One and Only

We want to get to know our neighbours.
Your Task: Take a photograph of one thing that really matters to you.

General briefing
The instructions were given in form of a short comic strip.
1) Add your name to the list
2) Take the picture
3) Pass on the camera to your neighbor and let him continue
Please return the camera to S. Neumann on the 10th floor if the list is completely filled out.

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