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ConnectedCity at Chi Sparks 2011


Trust Thy Neighbour: Exploring Information Sharing in anonymous Urban Setting to Support Trust Generation

Paper Presentation at Chi Sparks 2011 in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Jonas Breme, Stephanie Neumann, Peter Conradie at Chi Sparks Conference 2011

Trust, along with social capital, has been in decline since reaching a peak in the 1960’s. Trust in society has been identified as being very beneficial: trusting communities are fare better on a range of issues. Certain types of trust, familiarity- and strategic based, lends itself to facilitation through ICT, but require the sharing of information. Through a workshop conducted in a high-rise building in Berlin we explore the possibilities of information sharing among neighbours. We conclude that there is willingness to share, but life cycle or age influences the interest in establishing trust in the neighbourhood.

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    Vielen Dank für deine Mühe, hat mich sehr gefreut, deinen Beitrag zu lesen, überhaupt lese ich deinen Blog total gerne.

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