A Neighbourhood is more than a collection of numbers

ConnectedCity is a research project exploring the interaction within urban neighborhoods. The main question is – how can interaction between neighbors be increased in an anonymous but socially diverse house? Our goal is to start a dialogue about practice-based research for urban living. We want to explore the urban lives of present and future citizens, their particular opportunities to interact, and their potential to engage in diverse cross generational communities.

This website will be continuously updated with projects exploring the interface between design and science, interaction design, urban living, environment, sociology, architecture, photography as well as history and theory.

Stephanie Neumann
Berlin based photographer and Master student of Interface Design with research interest in Human-(Computer)-Human Interaction and Participatory Design. This website also started out as a digital sketchbook to capture thoughts, actions and reflections regarding my master thesis.

Jonas Breme
Student of Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam with research interests in tangible user interfaces, participatory design and design thinking.